Nothing is Wasted

Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock    April 23-May 22, 2015

This is a series of studies made from the remnants of other paintings that I took from my studio floor.   In making these studies, I am free to look for new avenues and pathways to explore; and it is fun to be reminded that everything is useful and has a purpose.  This is an especially good lesson in an age of scarcity and limited resources.  In making these pieces, I had no plan.  My only goal was to be surprised by my own resourcefulness and invention.  I did one a day.  Sometimes two.  How close to the edge could I come to making junk, then resolve the piece into something provocative or appealing?   I love the idea that things that are discarded and have lived beyond their usefulness can be reorder in to something new.  It makes me think: is this the way to live?  Is this the answer to our problems?  To realize that everything we need is within our sphere?  And that everything within our sphere has value and meaning?