Opening Day

The Regent Gallery - May 10th - June 9th, 2007

446 S Main Street, Los Angeles

On the surface, these paintings are about baseball. Go one step further and you see that they are really about the culture and mythology of men.

I am a storyteller and each of these cards tells a tale; about the man as myth and the foibles we ask them to hide.

These are iconic inventions, not intended to portray persons living or dead, but rather our highest hopes and worst fears of ourselves: this is what we really see in these players on the field.

From the painful recognition that we may, after all, just be “AVERAGE” to the wondrous burden of being a “LEGEND” – these cards ponder the archetype, while also exploring the meeting place between the nostalgic and the modern. The graphic and the poetic. The memorable and the forgotten. the iconic and the mundane.

Using materials that include paper, plastic, pencil and paint, I strive for a feeling of spontaneity and play, emphasizing the joys of a tactile world through texture, color, eye movement, and depth.