How Commissions Work

Every year I take on limited number of commissions. These tend to be very personal pieces and are a unique form a portraiture as they tell the story of you or your theme. Commissions include a consultation if you so choose. This helps me to hone in on your story and guides me as I select the papers I use to create each piece. The most fun is when you provide me with your own personal papers as this will lead to a piece that is the most intimate to your life and history. For Beauty Is My Jam, Marsh Newman supplied sheet music and drawings from college. For Cole and Lindsay’s Hollywood Painting, screenwriters Cole Haddon & Lindsay Devlin gave me their old marked up screenplays. For Meet Me By the Water, I supplied the fishing catalogues and ephemera for the two paintings Chris Whitaker commissioned for her husband, Jim Whitaker. While Melinda Farrell gave me childhood drawings and ephemera I employed in the painting, I Was Mindy Farrell.

For more on process, prices and availability, please email me by following this link.

Beauty is My Jam by Joe Forte, 2021
48 x 48
Acrylic, Personal Papers, Plastic and Spray Paint
Commissioned by Marsh Newman, Los Angeles, California